Maharaja Banquet Hall Edmonton
Edmonton Banquet Hall
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Award Ceremonies

For anyone who’s ever had an award ceremony, halls and venues form one of the most vital aspects of the whole event. Without top class venues, many award ceremonies could end up as complete turn offs. That’s why we have decided to offer the best hall for award ceremony venues. But what really makes our Maharaja Hall awesome to use?


First of all hall comes in three great rooms to choose from. Every room has a different capacity from the next and comes with ideal customized touch of its own.


Like I have pointed out our three rooms come with different floor designs and seating arrangements. From U-shaped designs, oval settings, rectangular touch, boardroom, classical, to antiques our floor designs will sweep you away with their pomp and color. 



Another great aspect that our award ceremonies rooms come with is seamless integration with personal designs and customization that you need. Believe it or not, whether you are out there for a business retreat, award of excellence, merit, or talent show, our rooms will be awesome to use since you will design and decorate them in your own way.


And like you know it capacity is a very vital factor to look into for any event. The three rooms that our hall accommodate have adequate capacity for 100 to 1000 guest. They will fit in comfortably and enjoy every moment of the event.


It’s is the décor touch that kills it though, with an integrated bar, coffee joint, eatery, and pool side settings our contemporary designs are breathtaking and quite awesome for any event.


But to crown it all, we understand the need to freeze every moment that matters to you or even to dance your heart out to every moment of it that's why we offer the best DJ services, Emcee, audio video systems, music, and photography. Choose us today and keep the memories intact.

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