Maharaja Banquet Hall Edmonton
Edmonton Banquet Hall
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Educational Events

Educational events are a way of getting together and sharing ideas; this includes seminars and corporate events. Quite so often such events become hectic to plan due to the number of people and the facilities offered. That is where we come in; if you can imagine it we can do it. There are three rooms available that can sit 100-1000 people, so you don't have to worry about the number, size not a problem, large or small, we are good for it. Sitting arrangements can be arranged depending on the want and type of event; the sitting arrangements can be U-shaped, boardroom setting, just to mention a few. We offer facilities like audio video systems, projectors and the like just in case you find the need to require them, this eliminates the hustle of carrying your stuff around. We also offer refreshments, coffee mostly but other preferences also available. We value our clients, and make sure it's worth their while.

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