Maharaja Banquet Hall Edmonton
Edmonton Banquet Hall
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Multimedia Events

If you are looking for the perfect venue for your wedding ceremony, birthday party, or reunion our Maharaja Hall will be your best bet and here are the reasons why.

First of all our hall has three rooms in it and offer some of the most unique contemporary floor designs that you could be looking for. From U-shaped settings, rectangular designs, to modern freestyle arrangements we have it all covered for you.

The internal décor is another sight to marvel at. Within the arrangement we have a touch of classical artifact, masterpieces, well designed chandeliers, fantastic lighting patterns, modern tables and seats decorations, and some terrific sections that have a touch of irresistible drapes.

But the main reasons that we rock is that these three rooms are flexible and will integrate with any decoration design that you could be looking for. Usually we understand the need for the client to centralize their designs on what they love in order to portray their personal theme and that’s why our hall have been given this awesome touch of flexibility in number of room sizes, designs, and interior decorations.

And as if that isn’t enough the fact that these rooms are well designed rooms with ideal capacity of about 100 to over 1000 guest hold to choose from should be worth looking at. 

To make the event memorable we also spice things up with a great touch of event photography and video shooting with our state of the art equipment including cameras, audio video systems, and projectors.

Our hall also has additional party bars, coffee joints, and eateries to add color to your event. We have a team of professional and experienced event planners that will also help you with other ideal logistics including the choice of the best music DJ for your event. Find us today and enjoy!

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