Maharaja Banquet Hall Edmonton
Edmonton Banquet Hall
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Shows & Concerts

Maharaja Hall exemplifies our commitment for making artistic performances truly memorable experience for everyone attending. Our center is designed to host performances, shows and concerts by artists from a range of disciplines.

Featuring three performance rooms with capacity between 100 to 1000 people, it is specifically designed so that both big and small events can be held and in every case have an optimal conditions for show to be truly successful. Every room features natural acoustics, complete audio and video equipment, projectors and full technical support. Also, halls are adaptable to various seating arrangements like u-shaped, board room and similar, in that way being full open to accommodate the needs of the show. Obviously, facilities like coffee shops, bar and snack services are ope for visitors to enjoy the time spent here.

If you ask for the center which is able to meet all the requirements of hosting an excellent shows and concerts we are positively sure that Maharaja Hall is the choice which you will not regret.

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